Les Arceaux combines high-quality ingredients with thoughtful service to create a memorable dining experience. Our values allow us to constructively serve the community—tout comme il faut—and are the cornerstone of our business.

We are committed to:

  • Enlightened hospitality: Our approach to hospitality begins with our staff. The care that our staff feels translates into hospitality for our guests. We extend that hospitality beyond our guests to the community in which we operate, including but not limited to our neighbors, our suppliers and our contractors. This cycle of care provides a pathway for stable and long-term financial success, which is how we care for our investors, who in turn put resources back into the organization, which are used to better care for our staff.
  • Integrity in production: We adhere to the ethical imperative to maintain a clean and safe production environment, and to clearly represent our offerings, allowing guests to make informed choices about how and what they consume.
  • Conscientious consumption: We participate in local sourcing, green practices that mitigate our negative impact on our shared environment, and in the humane treatment of all creatures participating in our chain of consumption.
  • Empathic communication with all stakeholders: In all our communications, we seek first to understand our team members, our guests, our vendors and contractors, and our extended community.
  • Education: We engage in the practice of lifelong learning and knowledge sharing in our teaching kitchen and beyond.
  • Balance: We seek balance in our professional and personal lives and create the structures by which our team members can develop balance in their lives.
  • Purposeful labor practice: We value and celebrate professionals practicing their craft. We are a space where often-invisible actors become visible and experience their acts of creation as meaningful. We manifest this value through concrete practices that acknowledge the profession and those engaging in it.